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In a recent study, there are 1000 women involves in study and various types of questions performa has been given and after complete that study statistical analysis has been done, in that survey type study we conclude that 886 women prefer strong and long penis during sex among of 1000. 901 woman prefer the person who can sex long lasting in time and 686 women prefer penis which have a higher width. So we can conclude that for the best performance on bed penis have to long and strong. Maxx plus talets have that’s all quality that make it perfect by natural way.

As per the many medical books the ultimate end of sex is ejaculation occurs. but in recent times 70% of male have a problem of premature ejaculation due to many reason like food, atmosphere, size of penis, small penis, etc.

In Ayurveda, vajikaran dravya mentioned in ayurvedic samhitas like charak Samhita, shushruta Samhita, astang hridaya ,sadangdhar Samhita etc. so that mean the drugs which increase the desire for long time sex without any side effect and make happy in sex that herbs called as a vajikaran dravya.

Maxx Ayurveda formula has been collect from vajikaran chapter of bhavprakas Samhita. Which is very beneficial in all disorders regarding sexual life .

For the increase sex time maxx plus tablets is the best and cost effective way.

Its contains pure and natural ayurvedic herbs which effect physically as well as mentally on ejaculation by effect on hormones. Ayurvedic products are safe with minimum side effect.

Maxx plus tablets contains withnia somnifera which also give effect on spermatogenesis and increase sperm count and sperm mobility that is also further effect in sex time so ultimately

Maxx plus tablets give best result for  increase sex time and many other man sex problems

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