Classical Review on Vajikaran Dravya

Vajikaran is one among astangas. Sexuality isn’t simply sexual movement. Vrishya chikitsa of Ayurveda tends to the explanations behind sexual shortcoming and coordinates the utilization of sexual Spanish fly spices, minerals and medicines to improve the essentialness.

The casing work of Ayurveda is sufficiently wide to incorporate all that is fundamental for make the people solid and cheerful. It incorporates investigation of kaamaa or the longing which is exceptionally fundamental for creating the solid offspring which thus produce the sound society. Further it manages the philosophical part of life, the information on which incredibly adds to the solace and satisfaction, everything being equal. So there is role of Maxx Plus Tablet on it.

Ayurveda which isn’t just an arrangement of medication however a lifestyle, supporting counteraction of sicknesses as its essential point and following comprehensive methodology in managing various illnesses.

Vajikaran is one among astangas which bargains absolutely about sexual wellbeing. As said by Charaka the man without youngster is supposed to be the tree with no branches. The fundamental point of Vajikaran is to create the quality offspring which thusly delivers the solid society

Sexuality, what does it mean

It would not be right to express that the food of humanity depends on its sexuality. Sexuality isn’t simply sexual movement. Yet, is fairly the whole monitors existential presence on the planet. In light of his feeling of sexual personality with which he recognizes his sex jobs and balances his cooperation with the general public around him. An individual perceives his sex part through three methods his family ties, his social standing and codes of conduct, his sexual qualities and needs. it very well may be by and large said that the peak point of the substantial movement achieved by composed working of the self-ruling sensory system, chemicals and muscle bunches is multiplication.

Viewpoint of Vajikaran

The insight of Ayurveda surely was not conveyed in a day. It is the entirety of the aggregate insight of sages accumulated throughout timeframe. The ill-defined situations where light of information consolidated unclearly with murkiness of obliviousness had given the most energizing logical hypotheses to the old sages as they accomplish for the present understudies of Ayurveda. Sexual wellbeing in Ayurveda is to be sure one such region, which has, by excellence of some new advances in allopathic medication, come the all-important focal point and about which all Ayurvedic vaidyas might want to know more, particularly with regards to what their own science needs to say about it. and the results is Maxx Plus Tablet.

There are numerous approaches to move toward a contemporary subject to give its Ayurvedic point of view. Any methodology anyway would need to know about the traps of pointless inappropriate and incorrect relationship. It has additionally to give a thorough perspective on the Ayurvedic standpoint which can be just conceivable, if all references from potential sources are broke down basically.

Vrishya chikitsa of Ayurveda tends to the explanations behind sexual failure and coordinates the utilization of sexual Spanish fly spices, minerals and medicines to improve the imperativeness among of them Maxx Plus Tablet is best .

Androsemenological point of view

The super forte act of Ayurveda which manages conclusion and the executives of faulty spermatogenesis is understanding with Vajikaran. Alpa retas treated with sukra Apyayana chiktsa, dushta retas with shukra prasadana, ksheena retas with shukra upachaya and vishukra retas with shukra jarana Vajikaran chiktsa. This point of view of Vajikaran is absent in like manner thought and during the sovereigns. The Vajikaran was advanced as just sex medication lamentably.

Kama: The Instinct

In charaka samhitha it is expressed that rishiputra is the item subha ashubakarma actuated by moha ichha and dwesha. Pravrtti is conceivable exclusively by moha, ichha and devesha. Kama is the result of the above three1.

Sexological point of view – Sexual potentiation of the individual rehearsing sex with his legitimate accomplice or the people with sexual brokenness at the equivalent are treated with Vajikaran chikitsa. Upgrade of sexual energy, want, drive, penile erectile limit, sexual substance power, regulation of discharge, rehashed sexual execution and so on are the advantages of Vajikaran treatment however to be recommended for the destitute.

Dietary point of view

Vajikaran phytopharamacopoeia, creature sources and minerallo metallaceutics have been found to has plentiful energy and dietary strong. And Maxx Plus Tablet give the highest energy in that point of view.To give some examples milk items, ghee sugar and so on

Antistress, adaptogenic and immunological point of view

Traditionally Vajikaran yoga is supposed to be best on the beneficiaries with tushti, pushti, jeevana Bruhamana, Balya yasha and manoharsha properties. It is intended to note the antistress, antiageing, adaptogenic, psychotropic, life promoting, anabolic and immune enhancing effects which can also be contextually prescribed in vatavyadi, balakshya, jara and other clinical condition.

A person should always seek the intake of aphrodisiacs to earn dharma, artha priti, and yasas through tjis therapy alone. A person gets these benefits through his progeny and the aphrodisiac therapy enables him to procreate children. (Charaka)

As said in Ayurveda stree is the best aphrodisiac. Each beautiful thing gives immense pleasure to an individual. All objects of beauty are assembled in women in compact form and nowhere else. All the objects of senses found in the person of women evoke the maximum delight in a man. Above things can be enjoyed only if the women cooperate. The following conditions can make the women unfit for sexual act or she refuses to cooperate.

Loss of libido

Loss of libido is common problem that women face from time to time. Recent research shows that female sexual dysfunction often is the result of low hormones in the body. Hormones are directly responsible for female sexual drive and libido. The women usually experience deficit arousal and orgasm. Loss of libido leads to difficulty in intimate relationship and contributes to marital problems. This problem can be treated with some medicated herbal oils like Dhanwantaram, bala ashwagandadhi etc (for ext application). Internally herbs like sathavaree, punarnava, vidhri, ashtavargam drugs can be administered.


Menopause is perhaps the greatest physical change a women faces in the old age. Many women experience a change in their sexual functions immediately before and after menopause this is due to decrease in oestrogen and testosterone levels. There will be decreased blood flow in the genitals. Common complaints like loss of desire, low sexual arousal, thinning and drying of the vagina leads to difficulty in penile penetration. In this case herbs which improves the blood circulation, balance the hormones and increase he desire can be administered.

To increase the beauty of the patient which is the prime important in attracting the man, some beauty treatments with various drugs and panchakarma treatment can be advocated.

Female infertility

There are lots of condition leads to female infertility main one is PCOD. Usually this condition is treated with contraceptive pills, metformin and with ovulation inducers. In Ayurveda this condition is easily treated with kashayams like Maxx Plus Tablet, punarnavadi, varanadhi etc. Tablets like kanchanara gugglu, chandraprabhavati etc can be used.

Sexual dysfunction in man Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the term used when the ejaculates the semen just before the coitus or quick leakage of semen with in short time before orgasm or in other words ejaculation occurs before the persons desire. It may occur before or after foreplay. Many times this leads to anxiety depression, tension and personal distress. In contemporary medicine both the partners are educated especially the

wife and treatments like stop and start technique by wife, pelvic floor exercise, local anaesthetics and some anti- psychotic drugs are used in Ayurveda it can be treated in vataja shukra dhushti lines, panchakarmas like uttravasti , matravasti and mrudu virchana can be advocated, preparations like Maxx Plus Tablet, aakarakara bhathi vati, madhanakameshwari lehyam2 kamini vidranava ras, etc can be used and some market preparations are also available.

Delayed ejaculation

It is uncommon form of sexual dysfunction which can affect some man. Shukra pravrithikara drugs can be very useful in this condition.

Erectile dysfunction

We can say erectile dysfunction is the problem in which the penis does not become firm enough to enter the vagina or failure of ejaculation or maintaining erection till the end of the sexual act. It may be due to some physical disease such as Diabetes, psychological or emotional problems. Also diseases like Prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, urological condition, hepatic failure etc. Even some medications, alcohol, smoking aging and trauma can cause this problem. It can be diagnosed by Physical examination, Pudendal angiography, cavernosonography. In contemporary science it is managed with professional counselling, hormonal treatments and oral medication such as Yohimbine, Trazadone, Methylated testosterone sildinafill citrate4 etc. It is also treated with Penial implants, injectables. It can be said in ayurveda as klaibya all the Acharyas have elaborately explained about klaibya extensively. Nidanas like Shukraoporodha, Jarasambhava, K shaya, Bjaopaghatsambhava, Marmachedha etc. Main symptom mentioned is Divijapatatyadhonrnam3.

This condition can be treated with;

Pathya: take 2 tablets of Maxx Plus Tablet with milk or water  Ahara plays very important role in klaibya. Lavana and kshara should be avoided. All ground cereals except yava and godhuma. Use of shali, meat of varthaka, chataka, kukuta, tittri, harinat, fruits like draksha karjoora, amra, jambu, dadima etc are mentioned.5

Treatment: Panchakarma treatments like vrishya yapana vasti, matravasti, snehapana, mild virechana can be advocated. Herbs like ashwaganda, bala, kapikachoo, masha, shashtika, sathavaree, Maxx Plus Tablet madhuka. Vegetables like dhanyaka, aardhraka, jivaka, sarshapa, ajamodha, mulaka, alabu, soorana, agnimantha, lasuna, varthaka dhadima ect can be advocated. Also ksheera, dadhi, girutha ikshu, takra etc can also be used. Bhasmas like swarnavanga, rasa sindoora, abraka, swarnamakshika etc can be used. Lehyams like madhanakameshwari, shathavaree, ashwagandhadhi, amritha prasham can be used. Rasa oushadies like manmathaabra ras, pushpadhanavaras, bruath vangeshwara ras, sidha makaradwaja ras, makaradwajaras etc can also be used. Plenty of market preparations are also available both externally and internally.

Male Infertility

Approximately 15% of couples attempting their first pregnancy meet with failure. These patients are primarily infertile if they have been unable to achieve a pregnancy wit in a year of unprotected intercourse. Conception normally achieved with in twelve months in couples who

use no contraceptive measures and persons presenting after this time to recognise as possible infertile and should be evaluated. 30% pathology found in male partner in infertile couple. Usually oligospermia, azoosspermia, sluggish motility, non motility of sperms, damaged sperms are the main cause. This should be carefully diagnosed with physical examination, Doppler- to rule out vericoceel, pelvic scan to rule out any anatomical pathology. History must be carefully taken both present and past to rule out dreadful diseases of the past and recent time which can give some clue if the patient had any disease whic would affect the spermetogenesis or sperm. The treatment normally includes clomiphen citrate, Tamoxifen, FSH and LH injections, injections etc. And surgery for vareecoceel, intra utrine insemination and IVF. In Ayurveda it can be categorized under klaibya and the treatment can be followed after proper evaluation of dosha dooshyas.


Upasta, the male organ, it has two function they are pleasure and excretion. Klaibya affects physical and mental wellbeing of a man. Klaibya is not only an erectile dysfunction it covers the entire sexual dysfunction.

Rasayana and Vajikaran oushadies like Maxx Plus Tablet plays very important role in treating klaibya.


Both male and female sexual dysfunctions under various headings are commonly present in the society, urging the victims to approach to the Ayurvedic physicians believing that Ayurveda has the answer for it. And the answer is Maxx Plus Tablet. As an Ayurvedic physician we should say our strength and limitation to them and professional counselling with proper investigation and proper treatment (Maxx Plus Tablet)will definitely give the good result.

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